• Disassembling a 3D/CGI Scene (Detailed Version)

    Perhaps some of you saw my 2016 Christmas card? It wasn’t what I intended. Back in October last year, I’d actually planned to create a 3D/CGI image, and at that […]

    Disassembling a 3D/CGI Scene (Short Version)

    My 2016 Christmas card! This is the (very) short version of how it was put together. If you’re interested, this link leads to detailed version, with a few (lots of!) […]

    Blink of an Eye

    Memory is truly a strange thing. Our recollection of events is rarely accurate and often sweeter than the actual article. We edit the past more favourably, albeit perhaps unconsciously. There’s […]

    Flash Fiction

    Here are three (yes, three – I spoil you, I really do) pieces I did a while ago. I really enjoy writing flash fiction but I’ve found it’s often much […]

  • Book Review

    You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane I’ve tried not to give anything away but there might be some minor spoilers here… be warned. I was drawn to Mhairi’s […]

    Merry Christmas!

    Season’s greetings! Gasp, we’re here already. Hard to believe. 2013 has been turbulent, to say the least. I’d write a blog post about it but I’m not quite sure I […]

    Short – Touchstone

    Every pebble is a lost soul, she used to say. A trillion pebbles. A trillion unremembered songs. She would pick a few up and kiss them. Hold them to her […]

    Dark Fiction Magazine

    Oi! You like audio stories? Of course you do! You can listen on the bus, or while you potter around the house. Or while you sunbathe in the garden in […]

  • Me to Me

    Dear 13-year-old me, it’s er, me… your REDACTED year-old self, waving hello from the 21st Century. Hey, don’t freak out! This isn’t like that time we were building a model […]

    Book Reviews

    I used to read a lot more. Around 5-6 books a month. This seems incredible to me now, although even that, I realise, is low for some. Especially book bloggers, […]

    Short Movie – Snowlight

    During the last snow fall, writer, James Moran (Torchwood, Dr. Who, Severance, Cockney’s vs. Zombies, Tower Block) challenged folks to go out and make a short movie. You can read […]

    Short – Schrödinger’s Wasp

    It almost starts and ends with a coin. And a cremation. The chapel of rest is cool after the brash sun. Shadows and hushed echoes. A room clad in dark […]

  • Anatomy of a Visual Effect

      See how a still image becomes a moving one! Occasionally I see stuff posted by folks I’m connected with online that inspires me to experiment on the visual effects front. […]