Short Movie – Snowlight

During the last snow fall, writer, James Moran (Torchwood, Dr. Who, Severance, Cockney’s vs. Zombies, Tower Block) challenged folks to go out and make a short movie. You can read his blog post about it here:

As it happened, that day my friend popped over, presenting the perfect opportunity to grab some footage – he had just fitted some snow tyres to his mini and asked me if I wanted to go for a spin, along the country lanes. Said tyres performed perfectly… right up until we hit a really deep drift and got completely stuck. Luckily a passing (and smirking) farmer in his Landrover (he was towing his son on a sledge at the time) pulled us out.

Anyway, the visual quality is not great (my phone is fairly low resolution and it’s an odd ratio), however, I wrote a dystopian/apocalyptic story, that fitted the grittiness, so hopefully that doesn’t matter.

I composed/recorded the music myself, naturally, and did the voice-over too. Had a fun time putting it all together!

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