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Oi! You like audio stories? Of course you do! You can listen on the bus, or while you potter around the house. Or while you sunbathe in the garden in your pants. No hands! I mean, what’s not to like?

If you’ve not heard of Dark Fiction Magazine, it’s a monthly audio anthology of the best and explorative genre short fiction available. Excellent! And not only that, it’s all for free! Why not check it out?

Recently there’s been an editorial change. Jen Williams is stepping down to concentrate on writing her fantasy novels (first one in the trilogy, The Copper Promise, is out in February next year from Headline Books) and has passed the baton to those fine folks at Spacewitch who run an online bookstore and champion independent genre publishing. Roll on over and ‘ave a gander.

This month’s Dark Fiction Magazine audio feast is about the outsider… or the ‘other’. There are four stories:

A Map of Mercury by Alastair Reynolds
We’ll Always Be Here by S. L. Grey
Wish for a Gun by Sam Sykes
Death on Elsewhere Street by Jaine Fenn

They can be listened to separately or all together in the one ‘cast. That’s over two and a half hours of listening pleasure for your ears and mind-hole.

The first story is actually narrated by yours truly. So obviously that’s the best one. 🙂


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