Disassembling a 3D/CGI Scene (Short Version)

My 2016 Christmas card!

This is the (very) short version of how it was put together.

If you’re interested, this link leads to detailed version, with a few (lots of!) paragraphs explaining how it was done; the techniques, the software, the tips and tricks. Everything I did to create the scene. But if you’re pushed for time/patience, keep reading!

1) I put the initial models together in Lego Digital Designer (try it out here) to make sure they were going to work, as per a real-world build.

Initial build in Lego Digital Designer

2) I then used the Lego Digital Designer file as a template, so I could recreate the bricks/models properly in my own 3D software.

3) I created a minifig Santa.

Santa Minifig wireframe

Santa Minifig render

4) I modelled some reins using my 3D software’s hair and fur tools.

Twine reins render

5) And last but not least, I rendered the scene and composited the models into a picture of my office desk

Back plate of desk

Back plate of desk with 3D models

Ta da!


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